Our vision at Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings (UBW) is to spread The Love of  God through the most sacred covenant He established on earth in the Garden of Eden, MARRIAGE.  And just like in Eden, where God's presence was felt, we in the Bahamas subscribe to the thinking that "The Bahamas is the place where God lives".  So where better to exchange vows, or renew your vows, but than in the place where God's Blessing is sure to enrich your union?  The mission of UBW is, as our name says, to make your dream paradise wedding an unforgettable experience.   Our  plan in carrying out this mission with each couple is to smoothen the path, by eliminating the stress, expense, and excess.   Please read the CEO's bio below; but remember to click here to signup for our small beach wedding solution on the CONTACT US page - if you haven't already done so - and/or download our FREE Bahamas Weddings Guide by clicking here 

Profile of  Rev. Dr. Jackson M. Miller

Jackson M. Miller, born at Nassau in the picturesque isle of New Providence, The Bahamas, is a graduate of Templeton Theological Seminary and Christian Life College of Theology, where he obtained a certificate in Christian Education and Effective Communication in October 1986.

Dr. Miller is happily married to Unease Kemp.

In 1992, he received a Diploma of Studies in New Testament 1 and New Testament Theology, Old Testament 1, Old Testament Theology, Christian Ethics and Systematic Theology.

Rev. Miller was ordained to the sacred Gospel ministry on the 28th of January, 1990 at the Pilgrim Church of God.  In 1995, he obtained an Associate of Theology and, a year later, a Bachelor of Theology Degree.  In 1997 and 1998 respectively, he received a Master of Theology Degree and a second Master's Degree in Divinity.  In September 1999 he earned a Doctorate Degree in Ministries.

In July 1999, he was appointed as a Marriage Officer by The Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and in November 2002, he was appointed as Justice of the Peace in The Bahamas.

Since 1982 to the present, he has been employed at the British Colonial Hotel.  He holds the position of a Night Manager and deals professionally with tourists on a consistent basis. He was awarded numerous certificates and commendations for professional services rendered to colleagues, members of the general public, as well as for promoting the Tourism product locally and abroad.

He is the CEO of his very own company, "Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings" and the Coordinator of a monthly food program for the underprivileged in our community for over 30 years.

As an ordained Minister at the Annex Baptist Cathedral and a teacher in the Sunday School Department, he has been awarded certificates of appreciation for services rendered.  He is also a member of the church's Executive Board.  He served for many years as an advisor to the Evangelism Ministry and President of the Youth Ministry, a position he held for more than two years.  He also advised the Men's Ministry for many years and presently serves as its President.

He is indeed an anointed servant of God, a vibrant Minister committed to preaching the Gospel throughout the Bahama Islands from the age of ten years.

Known as many things to many people, Rev. Dr. Miller is called: the Preacher, the Teacher, the Prophet, the Advisor, the Musician, the Counselor, the Helper, the Peace-maker, a Friend, a Confidant, a Seer, a Brother and much more.


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